David Ivory Sheffield.
Photo Courtesy of Wayne Ivany

David is a versatile organist who has been performing in public for nearly 50 years

Early training on the piano led to a study of the classical organ repertoire, as a teenager he worked as a church organist and choir master.

Fortunately David received a very broad musical education, which meant that he felt just as comfortable playing popular music as playing the church repertoire.

In the late 1960s he began performing on various cinema organs as well as touring the country with a Hammond organ. His first residency being at an east end bingo hall where his warm personality and tuneful playing soon made him a popular attraction. He also spent several years as an electronic organ demonstrator.

David has played for both Granada theatres and the Rank organisation and was the resident organist of the Mechanical Music Museum, Cotton, Suffolk for thirty five years. His unique 'musically themed shows' originated at Cotton in the 1980s and have, over the years, become a very popular feature at David's performances.

In 2012 David was elected the Patron of the British Theatre Organ Club (the oldest organisation of its type in the world).